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Kumite: King of the Dojo

A card game from here at

Battle your friends with the Martial Arts! Dominate as King of the Dojo in this new card game!

In this fast-paced training and combat game you can choose your character, choose your moves, then battle to become the King of the Dojo! Kumite: King of the Dojo provides excitement for up to 6 players.

You start off as a lowly white belt, knowing only basic punches and blocks. Each turn you unlock more and more advanced Martial Arts techniques. You can customize your knowledge, pick the techniques that work for your strategy, and combine different Martial Arts! When you think you’re the strongest, declare yourself King of the Dojo! Can you hold on to the throne in this exciting king of the hill style card game?

This edition includes 6 different Martial Arts styles:
Karate Boxing Crane Taekwondo Judo Muay Thai

Box contains 288 cards, two 6-sided dice, over 100 tokens for tracking, and Instructions.

For the full version, click here: Kumite: King of the Dojo

For a digital download Print2Play version, click here: Kumite: King of the Dojo PRINT2PLAY

Kumite: King of the Dojo is a game I created several years ago. It’s not sold in stores but is currently available through print-on-demand (meaning the publisher will print an individual copy each time it’s ordered and ship it directly to you) and Print2Play (where you purchase a PDF of all printed components to make your own copy).
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